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Misterbnb hardly needs an introduction in UAE. Now connected 2 way to Prop PMS, take advantage of managing your rates and calendar automatically on Misterbnb via your Prop PMS.

misterbnb helps the gay community to travel securely. Entire apartments are in high demand around the world and misterbnb wants to ensure their guests can travel anywhere, and would like to expand their international listings by forming accommodation partnerships by utilizing Rentals United as a channel manager. It is not necessary that you as the property manager or agency be gay, but simply support the gay community. Gay friendly hosts already account for a large part of our listings which falls in line with misterbnb’s model–to provide a safe environment to which our gay guests can travel. The gay community maintains a strong threshold in the overall travel industry and statistics have proven that gays have more disposable income, and are more inclined to spend money on travel. Therefore, we feel that by listing with misterbnb would be advantageo